Our Core Values

At Atalso, we dream of making a company that provides total kitchen solutions to the modern Indian consumer. Prestige sees itself as a provider of all kitchen equipment and tools required for the modern Indian kitchen.

All About Cooking

Recipes, cooking tips and help videos are as much a part of cooking as are Atalso total kitchen solutions. Men want to make that unique dish to woo their spouse.

Atalso provides you

We produce everything to help you cherish cooking:  Pressure Cookers and Pressure Pans; Cookware; Kitchen Appliances; Ovens; Toasters and Grills; Mixer's and Grinders; Cook tops; gas stoves and chimney's; Kitchen tools; Induction cook tops.

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The Evolution of Atalso!

The Atalso brand has evolved into the most loved and popular kitchen products brand across India. It has today become a total kitchen solutions provider, and this is our story.

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